5 important things about SandraBlush Brand

5 important things about SandraBlush Brand

SandraBlush Brand - we are a manufacturer of high-quality elegant and stylish women's clothing of LUX and PREMIUM segments.

Our sewing shops are located in Kyiv and Odesa.

  • We use high-quality fabrics, accessories and the latest equipment in the industry. We work with programmable sewing machines that accurately maintain the length of the line and the place of the cut.
  • We use patterns developed by professional designers. Our patterns are made correctly, exactly to the right size, so our clothes fit perfectly.
  • Our exclusive models are thought out to the smallest detail. Our assortment includes the most relevant styles of cocktail, business, evening and casual dresses, suits and overalls.
  • Our main focus is on festive clothing that will maximize femininity and help demonstrate your impeccable taste.
  • We know the line between sexuality and vulgarity, so in our clothes you will always be the center of attention and on top in any society.

With great respect and love for each Client, the founder of the brand - Alexandra Simonova

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