How to Choose the Perfect Size

PLEASE be aware that all listed sizes adhere to UA standards. Before placing an order, please CHECK our size chart.We have added a very detailed size chart in both inches and centimetres.

Choosing the perfect size is SUPER EASY!
In the size chart, we've highlighted 3 KEY PARAMETERS in black for you to consider when choosing the right size.
The size is determined by the main parameters:


The size range is specified depending on the stretchability of the fabric:

In the size table, you'll find small gaps, for example: waist 72-73 cm. To ensure a comfortable fit, choose the smaller number - 72 cm.

For knitwear, the gaps can be larger, such as 62-66 cm. Therefore, you can even choose the size based on the larger number - 65 cm.

IMPORTANT- If the product features a puffy skirt, the hips size is not important- If the product is loose in the breast ‘Deep-V’, your breast can be slightly larger

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.