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Black 2-Piece Formal Pencil Skirt Suit

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Model is wearing: S

Height: 170 cm/ 66,9291"

Bust: 87 cm/ 34,252"

Waist: 64 cm/ 25,1969"

Hips: 93 cm/ 36,6142"


Stylish two-piece suit - jacket and pencil skirt

Suit is the best choice for business and special occasions. Model looks luxurious and attracts attention wherever you go thanks to the expensive and thick suit's fabric.

Close-fitting long jacket adds finesse to the figure and accentuates the waist, a midi skirt claims its owner elegantly. The main zest is original fittings. Hand-stitch hooks.


• Quality tailoring: PREMIUM
• Suit fabric: dense Italian suit crepe. Composition of fabric: 65% viscose, 5% elastane, 30% polyester. Stretchability of the fabric: LOW 1-1,5 cm.
• Lining jacket fabric: 60% viscose, 30% polyester. Skirt: 98% polyester, 2% polyester
• Hardware jacket: clasp - 6 hooks in the fabric braid. (sewn by hand). High quality.
• Hardware skirt accessories: a secret zipper on the back.
• Additional information: with handmade elements. High fit skirt. Stretchy lining does not constrain the movement and good air flow
• Colors: white (milky), black
• Sizes: XS, S, M, L

This product can be fitted to your body personally.
- Change the waist pants -3/+3 cm.
- Change the width at the hips -2/+2 cm.
- Change the skirt length -any value/+4 cm.
- Change the length of the jacket sleeve -5/+2 cm.
- Change the jacket length -5/+2 cm.

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      How to Choose the Right Size

      PLEASE be aware that all listed sizes adhere to UA standards. Before placing an order, please CHECK our size chart.We have added a very detailed size chart in both inches and centimetres.

      Choosing the perfect size is SUPER EASY!
      In the size chart, we've highlighted 3 KEY PARAMETERS in black for you to consider when choosing the right size.
      The size is determined by the main parameters:


      The size range is specified depending on the stretchability of the fabric:

      In the size table, you'll find small gaps, for example: waist 72-73 cm. To ensure a comfortable fit, choose the smaller number - 72 cm.

      For knitwear, the gaps can be larger, such as 62-66 cm. Therefore, you can even choose the size based on the larger number - 65 cm.

      IMPORTANT- If the product features a puffy skirt, the hips size is not important- If the product is loose in the breast ‘Deep-V’, your breast can be slightly larger

      If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.

      How to Measurements Correctly

      Key Rules for Accurate Measurement Taking

      • Stand up STRAIGHT, avoid slouching or tilting your head down. Maintain a balance between relaxation and tension in your body.
      • Perform measurements WITHOUT CLOTHES, preferably in the morning.
      • Ensure that the tape fits SNUGLY against the skin without overtightening or sagging.
      • Always keep the tape strictly PARALLEL to the floor; using a mirror for reference is ideal when taking measurements.


      Put on the bra you plan to wear with the item. Measure the chest circumference at the most protruding points. Place one end of the measuring tape on the protruding point of the breast and wrap it around the body under the arms.

      Wrap the tape around your waist at the NARROWEST point, slightly ABOVE the navel and just below the rib cage. If you have trouble finding the measuring line, lean to the side, and the crease that forms is your waist. Record the measurement on the measuring tape at the end of exhalation.

      Stand with your feet together.Wrap the measuring tape around your hips so that it passes over the WIDEST part of your hip.


      Measurements don't Match Any Sizes

       A Byer requests a size M suit. The sizing measurements for this suit M size are as follows: the circumference of a BREAST from 93-96 cm, the WAIST measures 72-73 cm, and the HIPS measure 96-98 cm. 
      Buyer’s body measurements are BREAST - 96 cm, WAIST - 76 cm, and HIPS - 94 cm. Size M fits Byer in the chest but is too small in the waist and too big in the hips. In this case, no size will fit the buyer perfectly.

      we can tailor the M size to Byer specific measurements. We can adjust the waist up to 76 cm (73 cm + 3 cm) and narrow the hips to 94 cm (96 cm - 2 cm), ensuring a perfect fit for Byer.
      Every our premium suit offers a range of possible customizations, listed in the product description.

      Shipping & Order Processing

      We offer FREE EXPRESS delivery almost for all countries. 

      The shipping method is UPS or FedEx/ Track.
      Shipping time 5-10 business days, but usually 8 business days. 

      Orders processing 4-8 business days. We do not keep finished products in stock, as all the clothing is limited and exclusive. Each item is sewn to your order. The day when you placed an order is not counted. We start sewing your order the next day after payment.

      You can cancel your order within 12 hours of placement. After this time, your order will be in progress, and cancellation will not be possible

      Return & Exchange

      We have a 7-days return/exchange policy.

      You have to ship items back within 7 days of delivery. If you ship a return/exchange after a 7 days timeframe, unfortunately, we won't be able to approve a return/exchange.

      Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs both ways. Shipping is included in the price. This will reflect on your refunded sum in returning items with 20% less than the selling price.

      Returns must be in new, unworn condition with label in the box, in the state you received them

      We reserve the right to refuse worn or damaged merchandise.
      Items must be returned without: defects, no signs of wear, stains, scuffs, or specific odors.

      Customised orders are non-refundable!

      To start, please read the flow and text us


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